PODCAST: A Most Politically Incorrect Hiring Process

Welcome to Recruiter Confessions! On this episode, Tim Sackett brings in Jim D’Amico, Global Talent Acquisition Leader at Celanese. Jim shares some hot takes on the following:

  • What happens when the hiring process becomes overtaken by politically incorrect madness
  • The difference between an edgy candidate and a candidate with a face tattoo
  • Why your best silver bullet is just going back to the basics

Check it out (email subscribers, please click through to see player):



Recruiter Confessions podcast is brought to you by Fistful of Talent and sponsored by Canvas, the world’s premiere text-based recruiting platform. Host Tim Sackett and his special guests (all recruiters, all the time) dig into hiring horror stories, secrets recruiters keep in their back pockets when working with candidates, and silver bullets you can take back to your recruiting team. 

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